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Smart application that developed to support the official geographic addressing system in the emirate of Dubai, which is “Makani Number”. Dubai is the first city in the world to use this number to distinguish and locate the building entrance with accuracy of 1 meter.

Makani is a simple addressing system consists of only 10 digits (E.g. 30032 95320) which doesn’t require names, codes or explaining the required location’s direction. It considered the simplest method to determine the required location for different cultures and languages in the UAE for both residents and visitors.

Makani Application has been implemented in other emirates like Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah.

Makani application is available on:
1) Apple Store
2) Google Play

The Makani application has been enhanced periodically and below features are available on the current version:

1) Makani will effectively work without internet once the offline data downloaded.

2) Smart Search: Users can search using Makani number, place name, plot number and keywords (E.g. Nearby pharmacy, Metro station, etc.)

3) Augmented Reality: Augmented reality used to show categorized POI’s in the camera mode.

4) Virtual Plates: This feature allows finding the Makani number of any building in the street level view.

5) Qibbla Direction: Qibbla direction displayed in the app.

6) Multi-way routing: Users can plan/estimate the journey by adding up to 5 destinations.

7) Navigation with/ without Salik.

8) Search by building address: Makani App allows users to search using the traditional addressing system information such as community name, street name and building number.

9) QR Code Feature: Users can either scan the (QR Code) or upload geotagged photos to be used in the App.

10) Users Login: Makani support authentication using Dubai ID, Facebook and Twitter.

11) Favorite: The favorites are synched across all devices by using the same login credentials.



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