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Dubai city is full of gardens and parks that add a touch of elegant beauty everywhere, through large green areas and locations, where children find the games that they are looking for. They also fill their life with happiness and please families, who find entertainment sites to spend weekends and spare time; especially in winter with its nice warm climate. During the past few years, Dubai has turned into a green paradise through the exerted efforts for changing desert areas into lush parks. Visitors of such parks clearly realize the gigantic resources behind such a great achievement. Therefore, Dubai is now considered as one of the cities rich in parks and green areas.
There is a set of special factors that make parks in Dubai an essential feature. The first of these factors is the desert nature of the emirate, which leads to searching for a natural resort to get over the high temperature in summer. In addition, the excessive population growth, construction and technological development in the Emirate of Dubai could have led to the pollution of the city atmosphere; if it were not for the plentiful green areas in the city; whether in public parks or on road sides or median islands. The basic concept for establishing these parks in Dubai Emirate can be summed up in the following points:

  • Providing with entertainment sites for everyone to spend useful healthy times
  • Increasing the green area and beautifying the city
  • Protecting the environment against pollution


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