Green Building

What are the solar cell systems (Solar panels) ?

Solar cell, photovoltaic, or PV device that converts sun energy to solar energy and then into electrical energy.

Are green roofs mandatory?

No, but they must be applied in 30% of the roof in case of the non-use of materials with the necessary value of coefficient of solar reflectance on rooftops.

What are green roofs?

It is a roof which consists of vegetation and soil above the buffer layers of water.

Why it is necessary to use the locally available materials in green buildings?

To promote the use of local materials and the development of local industry, creates jobs for community and reduces importing materials from abroad, which increases the pollution as a result of transport, import and consumption of fuel.

Is it more expensive to build a green building than the regular building?

The cost may increase by 5% according to statistics that were done before the increase of construction materials costs, yet green buildings tend to preserve energy costs and water consumption, thus it will reduce the costs in the long term.

What is Green Building?

It is an environmentally friendly building. Which finds the balance between homebuilding and the sustainable environment, it involves in the following process of building: design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. In addition, it keeps the health and resources of energy, water and materials.

Is it mandatory green building?

Yes, starting from 01.03.2014, it applies to all private and public buildings in Dubai.

What are the benefits of green buildings?

Reduce the harmful effects on human health, preserve the environment, reduce energy consumption, and thus provide economically.

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