Planning and Construction

How can I get a residential land ?

Contact Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment for this purpose Tel.  04-6062400 , Website.

How can I have an agricultural land?

You have to purchase it from real estate market.

How I can have industrial land such as land for warehouses, labor camp, workshops, garages and factories?

You can have  industrial land  for rent  from Dubai Investment Corporation or Dubai Industrial City or Real Estate Market.

Dubai Investment corporation.Tel 04/812240

Dubai Industrial  City. Tel : 04/3643400

How can I get a commercial land?

You can purchase  land from of the real estate market (authorized  real estate services in Dubai)  To make sure the source of real estate offices authorized to work, or to inquire about the protocol  regarding ownership of industrial and commercial lands in Dubai, please call: 04-2222254 or 04-2222253

How can I get a land to build a Masjid?

Please contact Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities which co -ordinates with The Planning Department with Dubai Municipality for this kind of projects.

Contact details as follow.

Can I open a business in villas?

In general villas can only be used for residential purposes. But as per approved planning changes purpose change is allowed in some areas like Jumeira street al Wasl Road. There you can use villas for running business  after meeting the certain conditions of Planning Department such as availability of parking in the compound and service roads in front of villas. certain  fees will be charged for approval to get purpose of use changed.

Can I run restaurant in a labor camp complex?

Depends upon study on the case and place.

How can I annex tracks in to my plot?

Railing was started in Dubai to facilitate and reduce the cost of public services to different areas such as electricity, water and communications.

Rail tracks assigned only for  these services. But if one wishes to annex the tracks rail, he should have to apply before  the Planning Department. The department will study   the application and make sure that these tracks are not used for any service and will  not be needed for any government sections  in future. Approval for the annexation of tracks needs  consent of the neighbor.

Selling of tracks can be done with each neighbor’s Tanasuf, and after pricing it with pricing authority .

Can I annex land of my son or my brother to my land?

One cannot annex land in possession of other, to that of his property because it is  latter’s right. But you can avoid internal fencing between the land properties of relatives by submitting  application for it.