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Dubai Central Laboratory Department
Director's Word

It has not been long since His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced his strategic insight for Dubai “aimed at bolstering Dubai position as a globally leading Arab city’’. And through out the reviviscence & development, this vision has comprised the cornerstone for the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) initiatives; to achieve the seemly caliber both in the organization which we belong to, and the city which we live in. On these fundamentals our vision has evolved to tell that DCL shall be “A world Class Product Confidence Vendor”.   


Visits In the Memory



Visits In the Memory         


Inspection & Certification Service


What is product certification? 


Product certification is a service where by an independent third party (DCLD Certification Body) gives assurance that a product fulfils the requirements of a product standard specification, a regulation, or a specified requirement.


What is the inspection service?


For products covered by mandatory requirements (DM regulation) , the various certification schemes are implemented by an inspection system that ensures continuous compliance with these relevant regulations. Inspection carry out systematic inspection of factories , yards, construction sites, jewelry shops and other areas where certified products are sold or used and collect samples for surveillance and monitoring purpose.

Laws & Legislation

Our commitment to the Dubai Central Laboratory Gmanip and the principles of transparency, here to give visitors, and our clients all legislation and laws, and regulations applicable in the Dubai Central Laboratory, whether directly or indirectly for the below Testings which is being made by DCL Sections:


1. Engneering Section Orders & Laws.

2. Consumer Testing Materials Orders & Laws.

3. Food & Enviromental Section Orders & Laws.

4. Inspection and Certifications Section Orders & Laws.

5. Reseaech & Standardization Orders & Laws.

6. Reseaech & Standardization Orders & Laws.



Good Jewellery Trading Practice (GJTP-Bareeq) certification scheme

The GJTP-Bareeq is a voluntary quality management system certification scheme for jewellery shops.  It was developed in order to promote and give formal recognition to jewellery shops that meets the good practice criteria for jewellery trading.  The criteria, which were developed by DCLD in cooperation with jewellery trade association, ensure the quality of the products and services that are offered by the shop and gives assurance and confidence to the buyers.


A jewellery shop that is certified under the scheme can display the DCL Mark in their premises and will be assured of better customer confidence and market acceptability.


DCLD implements a certification scheme of jewellery shops for Good Jewellery Trading Practice (GJTP).  The GJTP scheme has been developed in order to give formal recognition to jewellery shops that has meet the specified criteria for the scheme.  The criteria ensure the quality of the products and services that are offered by the shop and gives assurance and confidence to the buyers.

Factory Assessment
This is the most comprehensive and most widely used type of certification that involves (a) auditing of the factory quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001 requirements, and (b) assessment of the product’s conformance with the standard specification. 


The factory must satisfactorily meet both requirements in order to be granted a license to use the DCL Mark on their product.


The audit of the factory quality management system is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems.  It consists of an initial audit of the factory and its management and followed by regular surveillance audit to ensure continuing compliance with the requirements.


Assessment of the product consist of initial type testing on samples collected during the initial audit of the factory and followed by surveillance testing of the product in the market as well as from factory.  In order to be certified, the test results must meet the requirements of the product standard specification.

Batch Certification
The scheme involves withdrawal of representative samples using a sampling plan from identified and well-defined batches of the product to be certified.  The samples are sent for testing at recognized laboratories and, based on the satisfactory results of testing, a conformity certificate is issued to the particular batch.
Factory Assessment - Block Factories

Factory Assessment Scheme for Concrete Block Factories
(as per Dubai Municipality Local Order 44/1990-Amended)

In line with the Dubai Municipality strategic objective of aligning its operation with international "Best Practice", DCL has started the implementation of the Factory Assessment Scheme on block factories that are operating under DM Local Order 44/1990 (Amended).  The factory assessment scheme is in accordance with Certification System No. 5 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Guide 67.  The new scheme will replace the batch certification that is currently being implemented under the mentioned Local Order.

Under this scheme, block factories will be subjected to factory audit of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 in addition to the evaluation of the finished product for conformity with Dubai Municipality Standard (DMS) Specifications for concrete blocks.  If the results of both factory audit and product evaluation are satisfactory, the factory will be granted a Certificate of Conformity and License to apply the DCL Conformity Mark on their product.

DCL shall carry out surveillance to ensure continuing compliance with the certification requirements.  This will be carried out through regular factory audit as well as market monitoring through inspection of construction sites by DM Inspectors

DCL - (I.C.S) - List of Certified Products Under The Factory Assessment Scheme

     Product Category

Manufacturer/Supplier  Name

Scope of Certification

Current Status

Fly ash or calcined clay (Voluntary)

Dirk India Private Limited (Supplier: Winnisha Intl Gen Trading LLC)

Contact Person: Ms. Jyoti Patil

Tel: +9714 3537107 e-mail:




PC Wire strand (Mandatory)

Gulf Steel Strands FZE

Contact Person: Mr. Anurag Saksena

Tel: +9714 8837791 e-mail:

CL09020100; CL09020101


Certified Products/Companies
DCLD Certified Products and Registered Establishments
List of Certified products Under the Factory Assessment Scheme 
List of Manufacturers of Certified Thermal Insulation
Bareeq - List of Certified Shops

Certificate No.

Shop Name






Pearl Enterprises

Mezzanine floor, The Gold Center,
Deira Dubai




Dhamani Jewels LLC -
Shop (G 34)

Shop No (G34) Gold Center - Deira





Reinforcing Steel Bars

DM Circular No. (159 ) 2007 was issued in order to ensure that reinforcing steel bars being used in the construction sites within Dubai Emirate are complying with approved standard specifications.

This document provides for the scope, definitions, requirements, duties and responsibilities of parties involved, and other details of the implementation of the Circular.

These General Rules cover the (a) registration of importers and local manufacturers, (2) certification of reinforcing steel bars, (3) market monitoring to verify continued compliance, and (4) violations and penalties.

Training Services

At Dubai Central laboratory Department we offer a wide range of specialized training programs, for professionals & customers.

The training we offer, cover testing activities in the field of food, consumers’ products & engineering materials; as well as calibration, certification activates and internal audit courses and workshops on applicable management systems as per the relevant standards.

DCL Accreditation & Certification
At DCL, we aim to be the best by the exact implementation of the quality standards that enable us to deliver accurate, reliable & on time results to our customers.
We operate in accordance with the applicable National & International Standards.
Each of our core activities reflected in our mission statement is accredited to applicable standard.
Expert Salmeen

Is a cartoon character symbolizes the general form to the lab and carrying a sign of conformity. Expert Salmeen meaning reflect the role of the laboratory and its contribution to consumer protection in the field of environment, health and safety.

Was launched this character in October 2009, through the marketing campaign for Dubai Central Lab Services in collaboration with Union Cooperative Society

FAQ Card

Engneering Laboratory FAQ Card


Research and Standardization Office FAQ Card


Inspection and Certification Section FAQ Card


Contact Information

Dubai Central Laboratory Department

Tel: +971 4 3027007
Fax: +971 4 3362696


Section: Consumer Product Laboratory Section

Tel: +971 4 3027111/7474
Fax: +971 4 3365463




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