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Tide CD2013

هذا المحتوى متوفر فقط في اللغة الانجليزية

The Geodesy and Hydrographic Section functioning under the Survey Department of Dubai Municipality proudly announces the release of Dubai Tide tables 2013.

Dubai Tide tables contain tidal prediction and show the daily times (at 30 minutes interval) and heights of high water and low water, for five distinct locations situated around Dubai Creek and Coast. Tide heights at intermediate times (between high and low water) can easily be approximately from Dubai Tide tables. This year, the Dubai Tide tables are published in CD form (softcopy format)

The Survey Department of Dubai Municipality, being a Government agency, continuously measures tides at 2-minutes interval (in real time) to predict when highest and lowest tides in the creek, coastal and offshore area of Dubai will occur and how high and low they will be. This compilation of data is called a Dubai tide table. Dubai Tide Tables contains the tidal prediction for the coastal and creek area of Dubai Emirate.

Coastal Navigation depends heavily on tidal information. Traveling through shallow ports and narrow intra-coastal waterways or under bridges is a risky venture if one doesn’t know what will be the tidal heights and when it occurs. For a sea captain steering a ship under a low bridge, underestimating the range could be devastating.

Fishermen often draw on information about the tides to improve their catches since certain species of fish may congregate during periods of high or low water. In addition, strong tidal currents can corral fish into one area, and if fishermen know when that current will occur, they’ll hit the jackpot.

Dubai Tide tables are very useful in planning and execution of offshore and near shore construction projects, as well as for the coastal rehabilitation work and disaster cleanups. Dubai Tide tables are also used for recreational pursuits, such as surfers looking to catch the ultimate wave.

Dubai Tide table copies are available at Dubai Municipality customer service centers at Al Towar, Al Manara and Al Karama.

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