DM partakes in 5th International Extraordinary Conference for Hydrographic Survey

DM partakes in 5th International Extraordinary Conference for Hydrographic Survey

15 october 2014

Dubai Municipality participated in the Fifth International Extraordinary Conference for hydrographic survey within the delegation of the United Arab Emirates. The conference held during the period from October 6 to 10, 2014 in the French city of Monaco attended by more than 300 participants representing 82 countries.

Representing the UAE and Dubai Municipality, Eng. Eman Ahmed Khatibi, head of maritime survey section at Dubai Municipality conducted several meetings on the sidelines of the conference with the heads of hydrographic survey departments from different countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as Arab and European nations in addition to the representatives of international companies to strengthen cooperation, create future partnerships. She also visited the hydrographic survey research vessel of Saudi Arabia (Al Aziz)

‘Monaco is the permanent headquarters of the International Organization for Hydrographic Survey, which was founded in 1921 and its main objective is to ensure that all the seas, oceans and inland waters of coastal countries are suitable for navigation and covered with required marine maps to ensure the safety of maritime navigation adopting reliable and effective ways to carry out the hydrographic survey, as well as the coordination and linking between the countries providing hydrographic data, exchanging expertise and sharing scientific researches,’ Khatibi said.

‘The conference discussed several scientific papers about the importance of the use of marine data and modeling them within spatial data system, uses of digital maps for electronic navigation systems and use of satellite imagery in hydrographic surveys,’ she said.

‘Conference also included several sessions to provide reports on the implemented programs and presentation of plans and theses, as well as the process of voting on the adoption of programs by the Member States. The focus of the programs was on the training and development of human cadre,’ she added.

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