DM issues circular on use of eco-friendly and sustainable concrete materials

DM issues circular on use of eco friendly and sustainable concrete materials

13 November 2014

The buildings department at Dubai Municipality has recently issued a circular to all consultancy offices, contracting companies, concrete factories and suppliers in the Emirate of Dubai on the use of eco-friendly and sustainable concrete materials.

Eng. Khalid Mohammed Saleh, director buildings department, said the move comes as part of Dubai Municipality’s efforts to improve the quality of buildings and continuous development in line with the strategic objectives of the Government of Dubai and its transformation into a green city, and on the basis of its policy in the application of latest technologies in the construction sector.

He noted that the manufacturing of a ton Portland cement results in the emission of 1.1 tons of carbon dioxide and 164 kg of dust which lead to increased global warming, increasing environmental damage and proportion of respiratory diseases such as asthma, ossification pneumonia, lung cancer, kidney failure and other serious diseases.

“In order to protect the environment and the preservation of public health and safety, Civic Body decided to mandate the use of Ground Granulated Blast Slag (GGBS) and Fly Ash with Portland cement in mixtures of concrete. The use of these materials as described in the attached table, which shows the eco-friendly concrete materials ratios, is an integral part of this circular.

He also pointed out that this decision will be mandatory from April 1, 2015, to all new building, consulting offices, contracting companies and concrete factories are responsible technically and legally for the implementation of this decision, each within its jurisdiction and responsibilities.

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