Creamy Cheese Rumor​


June 2016
Food Safety Rumors

​we have received a call about the creamy cheese with fats, where one of the scholarship in America has requested from one of the big stores a product which is similar to the Cheeses with fats and they reported that it is not sold in America because its toxic and carcinogenic product

The Answer

​The food safety department received again a rumor about cheese. This time is about the liquid cheese , as stated in this rumor that liquid cheese is prevented in foreign countries and the mother will be punished if she used it during pregnancy because it is risky as Alcohol. Also, another wrong information that mention that this type of cheese is made of milk dirt’s. the rumor mentioned that Al Kuwait has prevented the liquid cheese.​

In the beginning, we would like to confirm that food safety department did not receive any notice about preventing this type of cheese from any place around the world, Including Kuwait, which claimed promoter rumor that is prevented. Moreover, we would like to ensure that it is the first time that we hear about the “ food dirt” term. As we know there is no dirt for the milk. This confirms the big ignorance about the food manufacturing and the milk with its product Which includes liquid cheese developed by the Gulf Organization for Standardization and specification is built on the best global practices.

And on the above, we would like to emphasize that what is stated in the rumor is not true at all and not based on any scientific resources. But it is out of concern to deal with any information through the social in a professional and transparent way. We see that we would like to assure decent audience , that in the food safety department of Dubai municipality we will be the watching eye on the food safety in Dubai city and this is by cooperating and coordinating with other regulatory bodies in the country.


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