Canned Meat

Canned Meat

Rumour Date: 6/8/2016

Rumour: ​​

A caller was asking for ensuring the latest circulating rumor between the people with the decision of world health organization and aired by CNN cannel that the canned meat is a reason of cancer.

Rumour Answer:

The foundations of proper nutrition are the balance. Our religion urges us to be a middle nation.

Should not be over- consumption to any product even though it is useful such as vitamins.

The study which has completed is important to enable governments and regulators from conducting students that assets risk to make recommendations for balanced consumption.

The municipality established new section that cares about nutrition which will study some issues such as:

  1. The study showed that consuming more than 100 gram of red meats increase the possibility from cancer happening in 18%.
  2. The study showed that consuming more than 50 gram of processed meat increase of cancer happening in 17%.
  3. The study confirmed the previous recommendations of world health organization that red meats and processed increase the possibility of cancer, heart and diabetes happening.
  4. We should know that red meats contain beef, sheep, goats and camels.
  5. The study did not recommend preventing the consuming of red meats and processed. But confirmed the importance of balanced nutrition that contains vegetables, fruits, meat, grains and others.
  6. World health organization confirmed the benefits of red meats which are considered as a key source of iron which is important for blood.
  7. Food safety department in the municipality will contact with DHA, health ministry, environment and water department and regulators in the country to study this case exhaustively.​

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