Ice cream Rumor

Ice cream Rumor

Rumour Date: 6/8/2016


​We have received a rumor that the vanilla ice cream is not halal because vanilla extracts using Alcohol to dissolve the active substance in vanilla.

Rumour Answer:

Most Muslim scholars issued a fatwa that vanilla extraction method is not considered Haram for two reasons:

Alcohol does not have any effect in “vanilla” so; it does not have any effect while eating it. But the issue is that it stocks on the beans while preparing them. It is a consumed percentage and there is no effect in the same bean. It was quoted from the sheikh Othaimeen – the grace of God – : “Do not think that any percentage of wine in anything makes it haram, but the percentage affect if the percentage of the wine was very low and the effect of it disappeared then it will be halal”.

The most important reliable actors and the one that confirmed this matter the Islamic organization of medical sciences in its research about the banded material in the food and medicine.

The research reached to:

  • Alcohol is not unclean in Islam.
  • It is accepted to eat  food that contains a small amount of Alcohol and this is to melt some materials which evaporate most of them during food processing.

The specification of ice cream prevents the existence of alcohol in these products. Where it is to make sure that there is no alcohol in the ice cream through the testing that the regulators do it in the country such as Dubai municipality – according to routine monitoring programs- while testing the ice cream to ensure that it meets the approved specifications.​

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