Imported Fish

Imported Fish

Rumour Date: 6/8/2016


It is traded through the social media websites about imported fish from the republic of Egypt. They are freshwater fish, grew up in unsuitable water (sewage), that cause the spread of epidemics and diseases between the consumers. One of these is kidney failure.

Rumour Answer: ​

All imported food from all over the world are subject under integrated control system that start from the ports and contain routinely collect samples program to ensure food safety before the entrance of it to the market. About the rumor that is mentioned in the notification. We ensure that we did not receive any information about fish pollution which is imported from the republic of Egypt from the ministry of environment which is the focal point of food safety in the country. In addition, we did not receive any international or regional notice in this regard. According to this we are dealing with this notification in a professional way, were the department of food studies and planning in Dubai municipality will collect additional samples from these products to ensure the safety of this notification. Knowing that the number of shipments that arrived to Dubai ports from the republic of Egypt in the last year reached to 1038 from fresh, salted fish and others.  ​

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