Indomie and Ajinomoto

Indomie and Ajinomoto

Rumour Date: 6/8/2016


There were many rumors spread in the internet and some other unofficial media about Indomie and its ingredients such as
Ajinomoto which could be summarized in the following:

  • That Indomie may contain dead animal bones.
  • That the content of indomie main flavor enhancer additive which is E621 or
    “Monosodium glutamate” or simply as MSG, may cause endless health problems precisely to the brain as it may cause damage for the non-renewable brain cells that would lead to memory compromising and brain malfunction, eventually losing the ability of focusing concentrating and the capability of solving simple mathematical equations, that could be an indication “without overstatement” for real stupidity etc….
  • These poisoning substances has been hidden in food in many different names such as glutamate, aspartame, yeast, broth, Caseinate, soya hydrolyzed protein.
  • This component is a major ingredient in many famous restaurants which is been used to draw customers.

Rumour Answer: ​

Here we have the official response from the Food Control representatives

Definition of food additives:

Food additives is a simple chemical substances product which could be synthesis from natural or artificial sources – it should not be consumed directly but should be added to food as additive only, there are many reasons to use the food additives: like certain or specific effect or characteristics to preserve flavor or enhance it taste and appearance (which is useful at least from economic point of view). as these additives can change the chemical or even physical composition of the food.

We also like to mention that:

  • Indomi is one of the most reputable brands of instant noodles and there are many more brands in the market.
  • The names of components that is available in the indomi is ranging mono sodium glutmate and the E621or Ajinomoto, all are the same but it differentiate according to the scientific name and abbreviation and also European classification.
  • It is a safe flavor enhancer according to the CODEX Alimentarius Standards. It has been used domestically for
    decades with no significant complications.
  • We also assure that there is no trustworthy scientific evidence of these allegations (brain damage, memory compromising what so ever.)
  • From the other hand Aspartame is a sweetener, yeast and broth and protein has no link or connection with glutamate.
  • We should Consider that all the reputed internationally famous restaurants is using this additive without adulteration or misleading their consumers.

As a summery we recommend all consumers to follow the golden role:

Pay attention to the consumed dosage, excessive consumption may lead to poisoning. Even vitamins would jeopardize your health if consumed.​

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