Light Shoes Rumor

Light Shoes Rumor

Rumour Date: 6/8/2016

Summary: Light Shoes are dangerous

Rumour: ​The rumor which was circulating through the social media was about how dangerous is the glowing shoes (Light shoes) in people health.  ​

Rumour Answer: ​On the subject of rumor “the seriousness of glowing shoes on the health of the wearer,” after the search and investigation, please note the following:The Rumor which was featured across some websites that are not supported, and social communication.There is no news from the local official bodies or global certified according to the occurrence or risk such as accidents or injuries.We have been communicated with DHA and reported that there were no cases of injuries related to this type of shoes.If any accident happened this does not necessarily mean that the product is inherently dangerous.It may be a specific model or brand by a manufacturing defect in this case is withdrawn defective product only.Reason may be the result of abuse or failure to follow safety guidelines.  General advices:As is the case in dealing with all products must comply with the requirements of public safety:Follow the safety guidelines and instructions for use that came with the product.Use the proper charger according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. “Shoe contains battery-like batteries of mobile phones.”Monitor the children to make sure that they are not tempering with the internal contents of the shoe.The periodic inspection of the shoe in theory to ensure his safety, and get rid of it in the case of damage or doubt the existence of parts may cause damage.People must investigate the authenticity of the news to be issued by local official bodies or global Certified Pre-handled and published in the social networking sites.The news is mot illogical and there is no scientific evidence or reliable reference to those allegations “shoes cause electrical discharges in the head “.The news is not accurate and Unknown: it has mentioned 17 cases in the hospital cause electrical discharges in the head. “Without specifying the name of the state or the hospital”.The language of the rumor is weak and the language is un correct which shows that the talk is not mentioned from Unofficial bodies.

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