Cheese Slices Rumor​

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June 2016
Food Safety Rumors


​​The social media came out with new rumor about the cheese slices and it does not melt by the passing of direct flame on it, and the other side of the cheese does not get effect by the heat. In addition, the cheese has a plastic smell.

The Answer

​It should be noted that fire flame that has been used in the video was centered strongly until it turned to blue color. This generates high temperature that leads to the burning and charring of any material. This charring lead to heat block on the other side of the cheese slice. This phenomenon is known while grilling meats on a direct high temperature where burning the exterior while the inside is immature.

Also, the video shows the issue where the way of cheese testing is burning flames directly. This is not a professional way to test the food with, and this is because if the food was natural but it is vehicle of chemicals and elements. These elements affected by the preparation way. That is why there are specific ways to prepare, manufacture, cook and test the food. We do not burn the wheat beads and say it turned to coal, but there are known ways since the past for maturing these materials to become edible. The human tried to use more manufacturing methods through the ages to secure the safety of his health. Also, to produce food that taste good and people enjoy it.

The reason of cheese slices burning which was presented in the video is the direct heat, and for sure the cheese would not melt. The normal thing is to heat or cook the cheese with the known way and it is the low heat or medium, and this heat should not be direct. Any consumer can put the same slice (that burn with direct flame) in the microwave or on a hot piece of patty which will melt in normal way and smoothly.

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