Apple Seeds Rumor

Apple Seeds Rumor

Rumour Date: 6/27/2016

Rumour: Chemical analyzes show that apple seeds contain a small percentage of highly toxic cyanide, and this poisonous compound earns seeds bitter taste, which is also found in bitter almonds, which contains a compound cyanide.

Rumour Answer: ​

About what appeared in the social media communication, that apple seeds contain cyanide toxic substance. we would like to clarify the following:

  • Apple seeds contain a toxic substance that cause symptoms of headache, anxiety, drowsiness that leads to loss of consciousness, paralysis, hypotension, and death occurs in very critical situations. This substance  breaks up the natural enzymes with apples, where the result breaks up on a temperature over of 26 Celsius.
  • The damage does not happen for the consumption of apple fruit unless chewing the apple seeds, that known to the average consumer does not dare to chew ratio of severe to bitterness.
  • Studies have shown that the human need to chew large quantities of apple seeds to endure any symptoms.
  • Swallowing apple  seeds inadvertently does not happen any disease as it passes through the digestive system without being affected.
  • Several studies have shown that the juice of the apple has a negligible amount of the toxic substance ratio of the different manufacturing processes that break this article as stated above (a temperature over 26 degrees Celsius).
  • Seeds are removed during manufacturing fresh apple in the cafeterias and institutions the produce fresh juices.


  • Dubai  municipality confirms that it is doing all the required measures to ensure the safety of all imported food, including juices traded through controlling  all food imports, factories and cafeterias that make juices and drinks.
  • Dubai municipality advice consumers not to chew the seeds of apples, where preferably removed from the fruit before eating, and be sure to remove it while making the juice at home. ​

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