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​There are many rumors about Vimto drink, these rumors increase especially during the holy month of Ramadan due to the high  consumption rate of this drink during the  holy month. These rumors claim that they aim to improve the public health and warn  consumers to avoid carcinogenicity of some ingredients in the drink, specifically  the red colorant (Allura). These rumors  also claim that the company producing  this drink avoid declaring this component and it only mentions symbols and numbers  to mislead consumers, but what is the truth and are these rumors in place?

The Answer

​Vimto: is concentrated Syrup, its ingredients are divided into two groups:

  1.  Natural ingredients: sugar, water, cherries and berries juice, fruit juice, cola extract
  2.  Food additives: caramel color, citric acid (acidity regulator), Allura red color.
  • The caramel color and citric acid are safe ingredients and have no side effects on the consumer, while the Allura red color which is the main theme of the rumor is a Synthetic Azo red dye from nitrogen source suggested by the United States  to replace the currently prohibited red pigment known as Amaranth (e 123).
  • The Allura additive is an approved food colorant  by the European Union, the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Codex Alimentarius, and the standards of the Arabian Gulf countries .
  • There is no scientific evidence  that  this dye causes cancer in humans otherwise it would have been prevented by global regulators, especially that  the international standards allow a daily consumption limit of  7 mg / kg of body weight from this colorant.
  • This colorant is added to food in studied quantities which are much less than the permitted daily dose, and the regulatory authorities are making sure that those quantities are not exceeded through routine product testing.
  • The Arab Gulf countries legislations allow mentioning the name or the number of the food additive in the list of the ingredients such as E100. The Allura dye is known by several names such as:
  1. E 129
  2. AC red Allura
  3. Food Red 17 C.I 16035
  4. FD & C Red 40​

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