Instant Yeast​


July 2016
Food Safety Rumors

​​​According to the symbol E491 which is in most Instant yeast that are available in the markets of the country. Is it contain pork derivatives?

The Answer

​According to the article that has been circulating about instant yeast, It contains E491 code and build on the presence of this code has been questioning that the product contain pork fat and claim to prevent the import and handling of the product and it was stressed that most of the yeast products by E491 icon:

Based on the above confirms Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality on the following:
The E491 is a symbol monostearate Alsorbytan and add instant yeast as an emulsifier
This additive is usually of plant or animal source
Specifications and UAE laws require that additives in food from the source of Halal
All laboratory test results confirmed that the instant yeast product free of pork fat.​

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