Rumour Date: 7/10/2016


Rumour: ​Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority: card juice  statement of  Tang product contains an advice that the product is not suitable for children under three years, pregnancy cases and babies.

Rumour Answer:

​​​The  social media circulated information that some synthetic powders debilitating beverage products with the brand (Tang)  that written on it a warning stating that the product is not suitable for patients with (vinyl Kituoraa). The reason for this warning is that the development of this product contains artificial sweetener cause allergies in some consumers. Supported legislation provides for the mandatory warning status in order to avoid people who have such sensitive any product that contains this domestic consumption.The existence of this warning  force the company’s commitment to standards and legal requirements, which should not be a presence or the presence of other warnings any discomfort by consumers, because the primary purpose of the development of these warnings is to provide information to consumers who are allergic to certain substances for the purpose to avoid eating those products or minimize them.The Municipality would like to note that the local industrial mentioned does not exist in every Tang products, but there are some of those in the portion of these products.In conclusion, Dubai Municipality stresses the importance of reading and understanding food labels for each packaged materials. Municipality  also calls upon the persons to stay away from non-professionals to engage in scientific and technical issues that require scientific and practical experience in the field of food and communicate with the Food Safety department in the municipality to get proved  scientific information.

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