Cream Dory Fish

Cream Dory Fish

​Feedback from Food Control Department:

municipality – Food control department confirms to the public that imported frozen Basa fish fillet is safe due to the following reasons:

The product has been imported regularly to the country through Dubai ports, tested accordingly and found to be fit for human consumption as it complies with the standards and regulations , in addition,  the release of the shipments requires health certificate accompanied with each shipment stating that the fish is free from the harmful substance mentioned earlier.

Basa fish is exported to many countries in the world, and according to the FAO “Food and Agriculture Organization”, quantities in 2009 have been increased from Vietnam to the European union, adding to that there was no rejection for any shipment either by the European union or by Canada. The Saudi Food and Drug authority has also published report confirming the fitness of samples of Basa fish as follows:

  • There are no antibacterial agents like malachite green and crystal violet.
  • There are no residues of veterinary drugs like choloramphenicol and nitrofuran.
  • Traces of environmental pollution chemicals are within permitted international limits.
  • Free from cholera.

Moreover, Egyptian health authorities have lifted the ban on Basa fish and allowed imports after having the necessary lab tests to ensure the safety of the food and after confirming its safety from the country of origin.

Finally, Dubai Municipality confirms that it’s not permitted that this product is named as “Hamour Fillet” and it doesn’t allow writing this on the label because this is misleading the consumers but insisting on the importers that  the correct name is Basa or Pangasius or cream dory.

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