Dairy Chocolate

Dairy Chocolate

​Referring to the e​nquiry of the customer that he has heard in the television and the Internet that the material which has used in Dairy chocolate and the name of it is E 476.  After studying this additive and going back to the laws , specification and approved sources, we would like to elucidate for the enquire customer the following important things:

The material which is carrying the number E476 is added to some foods, maintaining the quality and the name of the additive (Glycerol and Retinal). It is a combination of glycerol compound and castor oil. It could be a part of the ingredients of animal origin.

In general, the safety food department in Dubai municipality has approved procedures to ensure from the making between imported foods or locally produced to the specifications and special rules. Also, to ensure from the food with its ingredients that meet the requirements of Islamic law, including “halal” certificates which made by an Islamic accredited associations and laboratory analysis that confirm free products from pork remnants and many other procedures such as controlling the food sources.

Based on the above, we would like to confirm that those types of products are free from pork derivatives.

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