Ketchup Rumor

Ketchup Rumor

In the last period a rumor was mentioned on the social media about carcinogenic ingredients used in ketchup.

This information is attributed to King Faisal toxins Specialist Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Dr. Idris the nutritionist. The rumor states that the ketchup contains food gum and modified food starch and these materials contain a substance called phenylene oxide which lead to the formation of carcinogenic materials and that the symptoms will appear in future generations if not in the next few weeks.

Feedback from Food Control Department:

Food Control Department contacted the Saudi Food and Drug Administration to clarify about this claim, names and sources mentioned in the rumor and the response was as follows:

The Saudi FDA has conducted a research about the credibility of this subject, it was found that this message was spread out over a year ago, and they consulted Dr. Fahad Al-Khudairi – a medical researcher and head of the carcinogens (cancer-causing) research unit at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center – who assured the following:

  • This rumor is not true and the names mentioned are fake.
  • There is no researcher called Hassan Abdullah Idris.
  • There is no center called of King Faisal toxins Specialist Center.

They also assure that “This information is wrong, and there is no phenyl oxide in ketchup,”. In addition, , nutritional therapist Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Othaimeen explained that ketchup, tomato paste and sauce are rich in “Lycopene” sourced from red vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and melons, he also added: “if these vegetables are exposed to heat the Lycopene increases noting that Lycopene is an antioxidant and helps in the prevention of prostate cancer as indicated earlier by an international study and by another study conducted by me”.

Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality thanks the Food and Drug Administration in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially Dr. Mustafa Qasim, and appreciates their kind cooperation and immediate response.

In addition to what the Saudi FDA mentioned, Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality assures the following:

  • Most types of ketchup do not contain food gum as mentioned in the rumor.
  • All kinds of ketchup in the local markets, whether imported or manufactured locally are subject to Food Control Department authority which ensures safety and compliance with the standards approved locally and globally.
  • Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality is not intending in any way through this clarification to promote or harm any food product or a specific brand but aims to clarify the facts to the public and to minimize the spread of rumors.​

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