Potatoes Toxic Sprout

Potatoes Toxic Sprout

​According to the rumor that shows the presence of poison in the potato which has green color or that has sprouts, we would like to ensure Solanine substance toxic which is in the green parts that appear on the potato we advice the following:

  • Do not buy and consume any potato that has green color under skin.
  • Remove the sprouts that appear on the potato and do not eat them.
  • You should not store the potatoes for long periods at home and this is because preventing the formation of sprouts.
  • Never eat the rotted potatoes.
  • Knowing that potatoes which there is no green color on them or the sprouts are removed it will be safe to be eaten.

Many plants contain natural poisons, so we recommend the following:

  • Do not touches or eats any unknown plants.
  • Wash your hands after working in the garden or dealing with internal ornamental plants.

With knowing that controlling procedures on food contain fresh vegetables and fruits including the potato product. We are making sure for the safety of potato while importing or displaying it in food establishments. In addition to the conditions of potato safety is the disappearance of green color under the crust or the presence of a developing sprouts on the tubers because it is from the important advantages which indicate the negation of product safety for consuming.

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