Chicken Nuggets Rumer​


August 2016
Food Safety Rumors

​Invisible clip was traded through what’s app which shows a chicken factory (nuggets) grinding whole chicken entrails comprehensive. ​

The Answer

The subject of the use of live poultry and shredded whether large or small for doing chicken pieces (nuggets) is incorrect because this action is against the laws of the Gulf, Europe and America. Also to the rights of animals. This practice is unhealthy and cannot apply it because some animal parts such as feathers, viscera, legs carry microbes in large quantities and will move to the product and cause serious health problems for the consumer.

The most types of nuggets which are sold are prepared in local factories in the state and subject to the supervision by the authorities concerned and are impossible to follow such practices in food establishments are subject to inspection routine. It also appears in the video that the poultry placed in the chopping machine that shows mince red color and there is no evidence of feathers or remnants of animal parts, because if you were grinding animal fully it will not be the product color is white, as is the color of nugget chicken in markets.

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