Storing the Bread in the Freezer

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August 2016
Food Safety Rumors

​While putting the bread which is in the plastic bag in the freezer it converts into a deadly poison.

The Answer

This news is not true because of some reasons:

  • Plastics which placed in the bread does not contain the dioxin and mentioned in common.
    The bread cannot be turned into a toxic substance just to poor storage.
    Bread and it is hot in the plastic bag put bags cause damage and the possibility to be moisture from water vapor because of the baking heat, and this is what accelerates damage bread and putrefaction quickly and lead to change the sensory properties.
    Never favored the bread is hot put in plastic bags because that’s instructions against food safety malpractice.
    Do not heat the bread in a microwave with other dedicated plastic bag for the purposes of the microwave and be marked by the distinctive emblem of it

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