Kinder Chocolate​


August 2016
Food Safety Rumors

​European food security authority found a chemical materials in “Kinder” chocolate might be carcinogenic. Germany has pulled out it from their markets.

The Answer

​The fact of the warnings of Chocolate “Kinder” Referring to what appeared in the social media communication about the withdrawal of “Kinder” chocolate products from the German markets because they contain substances that may cause harm to the health of the consumer. According to this, the food safety department in Dubai municipality has confirmed the absence of any statement or warning from the Rapid Alert System of food and feed of the European Union (RASFF) or the gulf fast warning system for food and these products, or any action requested withdrawn from the market.

The General Authority of Food and medicine administration in Saudi Arabia has continued with the Federal Institute for risk Assessment in Germany (BfR), on chocolate products, “Kinder” and the German Institute stated that there was no warning or withdraw any chocolate products or other products either by the manufacturer operations or government agencies in Germany because they contain mineral oils.

a German non-governmental organizations claimed that chocolate slabs of the brand, “Kinder” containing mineral oils may cause cancer, demanding withdrawing from the market.

The specialists in food safety department have review the import brand “Kinder” products and samples taken of them and found that they were in compliance with the specifications and has been released naturally local markets state records.


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