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September 2016
Food Safety Rumors

The Ministry of Health has revealed that there is a commodity promoted, for they are working on weight loss, affects heart attacks and strokes and cancerous tumors, noting that the laboratory quality of medicines control, in the ministry, analyzed samples of «coffee green», as shown analysis to contain hazardous substances, affecting the health and illness severe complications.

The Answer

The Health an​d Public Safety Department in Dubai Municipality clarified its point about what is circulated on a product that called “Green Coffee 1000” that is being promoted for weight loss.

The Director of The Health and Public Safety Department at Dubai Municipality stated that what is related to “Green Coffee 1000” is not even considered as a rumor to confirm or deny it but it is a Press Release issued by the Ministry of Health in the UAE on May 2013. In the Press Release, it was mentioned that the product contains banned substances internationally that has serious health side effects and the product is not registered and is prohibited trading in the country. Additionally, The Global Health Authorities, such as the (US food and drug Department) have warned the public to avoid using such products.

It was reported in the news that has been published by the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates in May 2013 about “Green Coffee 1000” that The Pharmacist Inspection Department at the ministry brought samples of “Green Coffee 1000 powder” that is known for weight loss to food control labs. The results indicated the presence of hazardous substances that are “Sibutramine” and “Phenolphthalein ” and that the laboratory report showed that there are many caveats when using “sibutramine,” because they increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes for patients who have already a history of heart diseases and blood vessels.

It is stated that “Sibutramine” should not be used by many individuals that have medical conditions, including patients with coronary artery, blood pressure, and people who had before blockage in the arteries of the Parties, or bouts of angina pectoris, or increase or irregular heartbeat. The lab report stated that the use of this material with other medicines leads to an increase in toxic side effects, and other side effects.

This clarification comes from Dubai Municipality within its initiative that aims to reduce the circulation of inaccurate information that are spread through social media and other communication means to correct false and inaccurate news false and to address the rumors rapidly.​

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