Indomie Tiding

Indomie Tiding Rumour

January 2017
Food Safety Rumors

​a video was traded through social media that show the worms in Indomie with chicken flavor pocket.

The Answer

​The Food Safety Department in Dubai Municipality advice everyone to stop trading like these videos and think about the consequences before re-sending it may be aimed at commercial competition or even the purpose of fun and entertainment. These videos will help spread incorrect information between people in the community and create confusion among consumers, and the safest is Return to the competent authorities prior of publication to verify any information that the consumer would like to know and get the correct answer scientific and reliable.

​As for the rumor Indomie we would like to show it from an unknown and unreliable source of its information and emphasize that the Food Safety Department In Dubai Municipality has advanced supervisory procedures to ensure food safety and quality when importing or manufacturing and through its presence in stores and markets, and has a dedicated team of food safety management Investigation. We, confirm the safety of the product mentioned in the importing company’s stores and markets did we receive any reports or complaints regarding this product, whether worms or other.

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