Chicken Nuggets Rumer

Dubai Municipality

The Rumour:

Chicken nuggets contain rubber, which prompted the US authorities to recall more than 16 tons of chicken pieces for fear that they contain rubber particles.

Tyson Foods, the company in question, reported that consuming this chicken may not be safe and asked its consumers to return the mentioned chicken nuggets “after receiving calls from some customers claiming that they contained small particles of blue rubber.”

The Answer:

Pursuant to the latest claims, it is important to us in the Food Safety Department to investigate the validity of the rumour and report to you that, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Tyson Foods, the company in question, removed the product after discovering it contained particles of rubber.

USDA also reported that no casualties had been reported as a result of consuming this product.

We have in turn followed up on this product through the Food Safety Department, the party concerned with controlling imported and traded food, and we are sure that the local market in Dubai is free of this product, as it is not imported from United States of America.

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