Sadia Chicken Rumor

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January 2017
Food Safety Rumors

​In response to what was circulated on social media about the video that was spread on WhatsApp about damaging Sadia Chicken in Kuwait due to the presence of Salmonella type (B).​

The Answer

​Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality states that this is a rumor and it is not correct as the damaging process was done in Kuwait only for the food that is not appropriate for human consumption. Regardless of the damage reasons, the scientific and international directions in the present time encourages us to reduce food damaging. As we would like to point out that the presence of Salmonella in uncooked or unprocessed food is not a sign of being appropriate for human consumption.

​Dubai Municipality gives a series of tips to the public to avoid Salmonella poisoning when preparing and cooking poultry and raw meat. People should not touch poultry and raw meat, should wash the chicken and raw meat because the liquids that come out of them can be transmitted to food and surfaces of preparation. Additionally, people have to smelt chicken and meat in a proper way by placing them in the fridge or in a cool water then to cook them well for a sufficient time. Already cooked food has to be heated in advance using a high temperature.

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