Dubai abattoirs prepare for Eid Al Adha

Dubai abattoirs prepare for Eid Al Adha

11 August 2014

The abattoir section at Dubai Municipality will soon have a meeting with concerned officials and parties regarding the preparations for Eid Al Adha in order to protect the public health ensuring safe sacrifice during the days of Eid Al Adha.

This was stated by Ahmed Al Shammari, head of abattoir section. ‘The section will use the most advanced facilities and apply the best international practices in slaughtering the animals in line with our religious and traditional values, ‘ he said.

The scarifier should get approval of authorised slaughterhouses prior to the slaughter and get the meat inspected to ensure safety and protect health.

Ali Tahir Al Hammadi, Head of Abattoir Operations said the public should be aware of ways of safe sacrificial slaughter, role of the veterinary doctor, and the dangers of slaughtering outside the designated abattoirs and seeking the services of roaming butchers.

Abattoir service charges will remain the same: Dh15 to check and slaughter a small animal (sheep or goat); Dh30 for a calf, Dh40 to Dh45 for a cow; Dh60 to Dh65 for a camel. The price includes vet inspections, skinning and cutting the meat into four parts.

As part of expanding services , two more abattoirs will be opened in Al Quoz and Al Marghem areas in near future. The tenders will be soon announced for the construction of these abattoirs,’ he said.

Al Shammari urged people to avoid employing door-to-door butchers whose tools may pose health problems to consumers.

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