Dubai Municipality Abattoir prepares to meet Eid Al Adha rush

Dubai Municipality Abattoir prepares to meet Eid Al Adha rush

Dubai Municipality Cattle Market and Abattoir are gearing up for receiving the additional rush of customers during the Eid Al Adha.

“We have been in touch with all concerned organizations to facilitate the smooth running of the Abattoir during the Eid Al Adha. We have held a number of meetings with Dubai Police and the sections of Public Health Department and finalized the plans to ensure the most conducive atmosphere for the Abattoir visitors,” said Khalifa Abdullah Hareb, Director of Assets Management Department at Dubai Municipality.

Additional parking for 500 vehicles outside the Cattle Market near Dubai Abattoir in Al Qusais has been provided to receive the visitors. The entry of trucks to the Cattle Market and the Abattoir has also been streamlined by issuing stickers as these trucks will be allowed to park inside and outside the market in an organized way.

Gates 2 and 3 will remain open throughout these days and until 1am on Arafat Day. On the first day of Eid, Gate 3 will be closed to organize the entry of visitors to the Abattoir and entry will be allowed from Gate 1. The trucks transporting animals and feed will be allowed only through Gate 2.

The Municipality has paved the second external area next to Gate 3 in order to regulate the entry of visitors’ vehicles to the abattoir. As part of regulating the sale process the vendors will be wearing uniform during the holiday period. Inspectors will be made available round the clock throughout the days of Eid with security guards and police officers to adjust and control the traffic and security of movement in the market and at the main gates.

Hareb said that the Dubai Cattle Market is one of the most prominent markets in the region that experiences diverse and significant growth. According to the Municipality statistics the cattle market received 918,000 cattle and 188,000 tons of feeds in 2015. From January to July this year the market received 407,000 cattle and 115,000 tons of feed. The market gets diverse livestock most of the time including local, Al Nuaimi, Australian, Indian and Somali cattle.

This year Dubai Municipality is opening a new hall at Al Qusais Abattoir with a capacity to sacrifice 300 animals per hour working around the clock. The morning hours have been allocated to the public and evening period to charities.

In addition to this, there are abattoirs in Hatta and Al Lusaily, Al Khawaneej (temporary) and Al Quoz (temporary) as part of the preparations of Dubai Abattoirs for the Eid al-Adha this year.

We also encourage the public to conduct slaughtering inside abattoirs only and reduce the phenomenon of indiscriminate slaughtering and street butchers who pose a high risk to the health and safety of members of the community and also causes environmental pollution.

The municipality has also made contracts with private companies to provide labourers if needed to serve customers in order to provide high quality service to all members of the society of citizens and residents.

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