Dubai Municipality draws integrated plan for cleanliness during Eid holidays

Dubai Municipality draws integrated plan for cleanliness during Eid holidays

​Dubai Municipality Waste Management Department has drawn an extensive field work and technical services plan for Eid al-Adha holidays. This will include a number of programs and decisions focused on intensifying supervisory work and field action and increased sweeping activity in order to maintain the cleanliness of roads, boats, creek and canals, so as to ensure the comfort of the citizens, residents and visitors that will facilitate the enjoyment of the Eid atmosphere in Dubai.

Eng.  Abdul Majeed Sifai, Director of Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality said that the Department has already begun the preparations for the Eid al-Adha holidays through the implementation of a campaign to clean all the Eid Musallahs.

“In addition to that many other measures have been adopted to by re-scheduling the work at landfills as Al Qusais landfill will be open around the clock during the holidays. Al Haban and Al Bayada landfills, which have been allocated for construction waste, will be open during the Eid holidays with the exception of only the first day of Eid, while the Warsan landfill will be closed on the first and second days of Eid,” he said.

“As for the field workers, all the tools and equipment have been provided for the field teams. They will cover all areas of the emirate in order to apply the highest hygiene standards,” said Sifai.

He said the Waste Management Department has deployed 74 fleet with garbage collection equipment, in addition to the distribution of the 121 additional containers to accommodate the expected increase in the amount of waste.

“This is in addition to the formation of specialized teams to follow up on reports on waste accumulation received from public through the Municipality Contact Center. The waste collection teams will operate in residential areas and highways in the morning on the first day of Eid beginning work at 5am to 12:30pm. The team composed of 19 observers and 337 cleaners,” said Sifai.

He also stressed the importance of the public’s commitment to the hygiene rules and proper disposal of the waste of sacrificial animals because these residues are harmful to the environment and humans alike.

“If it is not disposed of in a safe way, it will be bad for the good appearance of the city and will increase the burden of removing it later,” said Sifai.

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