Dubai Municipality employees celebrate UAE Women’s Day

Dubai Municipality employees celebrate UAE Womens Day

Team Reem of Dubai Municipality organized a variety of events on Sunday to mark the occasion of UAE Women’s Day with enthusiastic participation from female employees.

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality stressed that Emirati women have made substantial gains and great achievements at various levels after the establishment of the union. 

He said women’s stature in the UAE has become high in various sectors during the past several decades and they have become an effective and influential force in the country with regards to human and creative aspects.

Lootah was speaking during a meeting with a delegation of Team Reem, the Women’s Group at Dubai Municipality as part of the UAE Women’s Day celebrations, organized by the team in the municipality.

He added that women have played an active and prominent role in the work sector, which they have  clearly marked through their performances. “The Emirati women have achieved a prominent place in the community as they take up full responsibilities alongside men in different areas of work through their effective contribution to the economic, social and cultural transformations on a firm and solid base and in the framework of commitment to the teachings of the Islamic religion and high Arab values,” said Lootah.

“Emirati women today have crystallized their contribution to the country’s wheel of development. They have now representation in the executive and legislature and even in the National Council and the parliament. This is an important achievement, which pushes women to exert more efforts at the GCC level and in the Arab world,” he said.


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