Dubai Municipality warns public against gold and jewellery trade inside apartments and offices

Dubai Municipality warns public against gold and jewellery trade inside apartments and offices

Eng. Amin Ahmed, Head of Gold and Precious Stones Committee at Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) of Dubai Municipality warned the public from dealing with people who trade in gold and jewellery inside apartments and offices, as these are unlicensed practices and are not subjected to any monitoring. He called upon the public not to drift behind these traders.

Dubai Municipality plays a big role in spreading awareness in this area through organizing and participating in exhibitions, seminars, and also promoting through the media a culture of safe buying of precious metals.

The DCL is a responsible and authorized body in the areas of testing, inspection and certification according to global specifications such as ISO17025, ISO17020 and ISO17065, making it a reference agency that is depended by other government organizations concerned such as the Economic Development Department and the police to protect the consumer’s right.

Ahmed said the DCL has carried out nearly 1,001 inspection tours at 706 gold and jewellery shops this year until the end of August 2016.

He pointed out that difference in gold carat tops the list of offenses that are monitored by the laboratory, followed by the non-conformity of the test result to the card data. “In this case, the inspector issues a warning against the dealer, and when the offense is repeated the matter shall be referred to the competent legal authorities to take the appropriate action, depending on the type of infringements,” said Ahmed.

He denied the existence of any major fraud or manipulation by gold and jewellery traders in Dubai, stressing that the traders always want to maintain their reputation, because most of them have inherited the profession from their parents and grandparents, and thus do not bet the family name for the sale of a few fake pieces for whatever profit.

“Also the facilities provided by the relevant government departments help traders to comply with the rules and regulations issued at the UAE level in general and Dubai in particular. Since Dubai is the City of Gold keenness of traders is derived from the government’s keenness, and Dubai is one of the best markets that offers high-quality products to the consumers,” Ahmed pointed out.

“It is worth mentioning that DCL’s participation in the annual Dubai International Jewellery Week Exhibition has become popular nowadays and there is huge public demand for its services offered free of charge during the show. We check the items purchased by the visitors to the exhibition and also ensure the quality of products showcased in the event by exhibitors from around the world, which in turn becomes consumer awareness and achieve their happiness,” he said.

Ahmed said that gold and jewellery stores in Dubai are subjected to different rounds of inspections in accordance with a scheduled program by a team of specialist inspectors, who carry out at least two supervisory visits at each store a year, in addition to random and unscheduled visits.

“The number of precious stone pieces inspected during the tours this year until 23 August was 8,865, of which 1,265 samples were sent to the DCL for examination. The inspector chooses samples of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum from each store randomly as per the carat and country of manufacture and send them for testing in the DCL to ensure compliance with the specifications. It also applies to the gems, which are subject to check to make sure the colour, purity, cut and weight, which are the factors that determine the value of the gems, and compare that information with the tariff card of the stone as well,” he said.

“We would like to reassure everyone that we have placed precautionary measures to avoid any cases of fraud in the gold and jewellery sector by using the most advanced laboratory technologies in the world,” said Ahmed.

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