Dubai Safari Conservation Team finds 175 bird species at Al Qudra Lake

Dubai Safari Conservation Team finds 175 bird species at Al Qudra Lake

Dubai Municipality has recently issued work orders to complete the project of running tracks and sports facilities at Muhaisna and Jebel Ali labour camps, said Eng. Juma Khalifa Al Fuqae, Director of General Maintenance Department.

He said the project included the establishment of a 1,500 meters long walking track in Muhaisnah and a 700 meters long track in Jebel Ali as per the standard specifications in order to provide the opportunity for the labourers  to practice the activity of walking and running in their residential complexes.

The project includes a lot of foundation work that is required to prepare the track and build the necessary layers as per the specifications to facilitate the practice of exercise activity properly and securely, in addition to providing walkways with interlocks, painting work and planning for the final rubber layer for the tracks.

The project also includes the setting up fixed exercise equipment necessary for muscle building exercises at both these camps. Work is also being carried out in coordination with the Public Parks and Horticulture Department to provide the necessary green corridors at both the places. The project is being implemented at an estimated cost of Dhs3.8 million.

Al Fuqae said that such projects comes in line with Dubai Municipality plan to support the provision of adequate health environment for all workers and improve the living environment for them as well as to provide sports and health facilities in line with health and safety rules, as this is one of the important projects to make Dubai healthier and happier as it is concerned with the health and well-being of the workers.​

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