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June 2016
Food Safety Rumors

​Is there any evidence that free malt beverage has a few percentage of alcohol e because it may not be addressed in this case.

The Answer


Dubai Municipality is an executive of the federal legislation and is not a legitimate point, Halal and Haram in matters that have been decided upon by the competent authorities as department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities. As for food products that may contain a percentage of ethyl alcohol you’ll need to be noted that:

All food products that contain Sugars and carbohydrate materials which include a small amount of alcohol in normal way specifications authority has sat a maximum percentage of alcohol in those foods.
Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality has emphasized in having balance while taking such food and not to focus on eating a particular product, with the need of diversifying the source and quality of the products because a lot of useful materials could harm health saying that they do not aim in any way to promote or damage any food product or specific brand but rather they aim to clarify the facts to the public and to minimize the effects of spreading rumors.

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