House Cleaning Material Rumor​


June 2016
Food Safety Rumors

I have received a death news about one of the ladies during use cleaning materials at home, after the analyze and interpret the subject scientifically we have the alarm to avoid the mistake which caused death.

There are some cleaners that the ladies use for cleaning their houses such as :Flash and Clorox.

Flash: Cleaner is used to remove calcareous sediments formed in the bathrooms and toilets and active substance is hydrochloric acid.
Clorox : a material for removing stains used in whitening or bleaching clothes, toilets, floors and bathrooms. It includes an active material which called sodium hypochlorite.

The problem is: Some women believe that if we have mixed two materials with each other it cause a strong cleans and multiply it effectiveness. But the truth is exactly opposite where:

While mixing two different materials they react with each other produce mounts chlorine gas throttle (Cl2), which causes fainting and if the place is closed where there is no ventilation will cause the status of the death immediately. And chemical reaction that occurs is: NaClO + 2HCl = NaCl + H2O + Cl2
If we mixed to materials the cleaning will be unable because the reaction is cancelled.

The Answer

​Safety consumables department recommends reading the identification card of the product before buying process and prior to use mainly where identification card products for disinfection and cleaning recorded on the method of use and warnings special features when using the product.

The signal through identification card for the product not to be used or mixed with any other product because of the presence of certain substances, and attributed the reason for the existence of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) rapid interaction with other materials, and always come to the accompaniment of the most important caveats:

Do not use or confuse the product with any other product.
Please observe proper ventilation for not choking.
Please save out of reach of children and in a safe place.

Exposure to health complications and multiple appearance based on the quantity and type of product that causes the accident, and also as a way to prevent and handle emergencies, where in some severe cases may lead to death.

So consumables department recommends always to follow the Instructions for use and warnings of the product for the safe use and the prevention of any possible danger

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