Dubai Municipality Trains Pet Shop Employees

Dubai Municipality Trains Pet Shop Employees

As part of its efforts to improve the performance of veterinary establishments operating in the Emirate of Dubai, the Veterinary Services Section in Dubai Municipality has conducted the second training course to qualify the employees in such establishments in Dubai. The two-day course was attended by 80 workers in the field of selling birds, aquariums and pet animals.

The initiative was aimed to raise the hygiene level of the establishments operating in this field and reduce the health risks to the community, in addition to the implementation of local and international legislations on animal welfare laws.

It was also aimed to encourage the establishments to organize specialized exhibitions dealing with pets to make Dubai the centre of such activities and also encourage the private sector to invest in the activity.

Eng. Hashim Al Awadhi, Director of Veterinary Services Section at the Municipality, said that the trade of pet birds and animals has witnessed a remarkable development in parallel with the great boom witnessed in the emirate in recent years.

“In order to provide excellent service in this field, the Public Health Services Department has decided to offer this unique initiative to the workers in these establishments to familiarize them and train them with the basic concepts and requirements that must be followed by everyone who is based on the service of these animals, which in turn activates the role of self-control by owners of these establishments and prevent the occurrence of violations and thus provide a distinguished service of a high standard for those who are interested in the activity among the public,” he said.

“On the other hand, it is important to apply the basic standards of animal welfare, which reflects the bright face of the Emirate in this aspect,” Al Awadhi said.

He pointed out that the participants were introduced with the definition of the basic principles of animal welfare and its applications in their establishments as well as the most important symptoms of animal diseases, the behavior of pets and ways of prevention of such diseases.

Al Awadhi added that the owners of the shops were informed about the points that are being checked by the Control Unit of the Department, the definition of the health practices required in the pet grooming activity, the correct methods of cleaning and sterilization, the identification of the types of materials permitted to be used in cleaning the pet shops and the most important technical and health requirements in the aquarium shops.

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