UAE Food Bank to Coordinate with Abattoirs to Receive Eid Sacrifice Donations

UAE Food Bank to Coordinate with Abattoirs to Receive Eid Sacrifice Donations

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The UAE Food Bank will coordinate and collaborate with Dubai Abattoirs of Dubai Municipality to receive Eid Al Adha sacrifice from citizens and residents who wish to donate their sacrifices to needy families and groups. Special places will be allocated at the Abattoirs for receiving the sacrifices after the slaughter to be delivered in coordination with the Abattoir to the charity societies to reach the needy families.

The move is part of the Food Bank’s continuous efforts to support needy people through charities and leading organizations in this field.

The UAE Food Bank will also distribute a wide range of food items, juices, milk and cold drinks on the 10th of Dul Hijja (Eid Al Adha Day) to workers as well as charities. The initiative will also target the groups of workers in distress through coordination with the Zakat and Sadakah Affairs Section of the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities for the provision of a variety of food items during this period and in the future.

The UAE Food Bank will not only work on the ten days of Dhul Hijjah but will continue to receive and donate food shipments throughout Eid Al Adha holidays. In addition to that the Bank will distribute cold juices to RTA drivers during the days of Eid.

The Food Bank team recently organized a campaign to distribute meals, water and cold juices to the workers under the slogan, “Summer of Giving.” The campaign was part of the team’s efforts to provide food and drinks to the labor community that generate an atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment among them as the meals along with the cold drinks will create a refreshing summer for them and promote and spread the principle of charity and values of social responsibility.

The UAE Food Bank team distributed 1,000 meals in the workers’ housing in Al Muhaisinah-2 area, in addition to distributing 500 meals in the housing of RTA workers in Al Warsan area with the active participation of a number of young volunteers as well as the daily donations that are offered by many companies, which are delivered to the needy and charities.

UAE Food Bank collects surplus fresh food from hotels, restaurants, markets for food products, supermarkets, farms and others, and distributes it to needy people inside and outside the country in cooperation with a network of local and international humanitarian and charity organizations.

The Bank, the first of its kind in the UAE, is an integrated humanitarian, social, economic and cultural system that organizes many humanitarian and community campaigns, programs and initiatives.

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