Dubai Municipality becomes first government department to host Expo 2020 Volunteer Platform

Dubai Municipality becomes first government department to host Expo 2020 Volunteer Platform

​Dubai Municipality has become the first government department to host the Expo 2020 Volunteer Platform. The move is part of its keenness to promote volunteering as a humanitarian and urban value, and to instill a sense of responsibility among the UAE community and to make it a lifestyle.

Dubai Municipality’s Director General, Dawood Al Hajiri, launched the Expo 2020 Volunteer Platform on Sunday in the presence of the Expo 2020 team. The Municipality will host the Platform for three days to facilitate its employees to register as Expo volunteers.

“We are on the verge of welcoming a historic event of the UAE. We are delighted to welcome the Expo 2020 team as the first government department to host the platform for the registration of volunteers. It reiterates our support to the initiative to spread happiness, promote positive values, implement the UAE national strategy, develop the spirit of contribution and giving, and reduce the challenges resulting from the lack of human resources, in addition to benefiting from volunteers in the dissemination of the humanitarian message adopted by Dubai Municipality,” said Mohammed Mubarak Al Mutaiwei, Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality for Business Development Sector.

“The participation in the registration of Expo 2020 reflects the Municipality’s continuous efforts to work together with other government agencies to develop government work in the UAE and to document the UAE’s outstanding experience,” he said.

“In this context, work in Dubai Municipality is an important contribution to the promotion of government excellence in the UAE and the dissemination of successful experiences and accumulated experiences in a way that combines theory and practice and works to reproduce and exchange knowledge between government institutions to serve the objectives of the country and the region in general, through volunteering to serve this global event,” said Al Mutaiwei.

Expo 2020 Dubai earlier this month had announced the establishment of a volunteer center to be an exclusive creative space under which all EXPO 2020 volunteers will gather in Dubai.

Najeeb Mohammed Al Ali, Executive Director of the Expo 2020 Bureau, praised the move by Dubai Municipality and its employees. “This is the first platform of its kind for Expo, and its welcome here is another great contribution by Dubai Municipality. This is in itself another manifestation of the overall national desire for the success of our national project, which is of interest to all of us, Expo 2020 Dubai,” he said.

“I believe that the mobile platform will be an additional source and a unique outlet for UAE nationals and residents to register their desire to serve the nation and to extend it to millions of people from all over the world who enjoy what the UAE has to offer,” said Al Ali.

It is worth mention that Dubai Municipality’s Volunteer Team had participated last year in the Dubai Government Best Practices Forum, which was part of the Dubai Government Excellence Program. This participation had underscored the importance of cooperation with various government bodies in Dubai in areas that promote the concepts of volunteerism and meeting their objectives with that of the Year of Giving. The participation of the Municipality’s Volunteer Team has had a significant impact on the success of the Dubai Government Best Practices Forum and its exemplary presentation of Dubai as a global center for organizing events.​

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