Canned Tuna Rumor

Canned Tuna Rumor

The Rumour:

Anguelmo canned tuna, produced in Guayaquil by a Chinese company and distributed in global markets, does not contain natural ingredients, but rather artificial fibers that are dangerous to human health.

The Answer:

In response to the rumour that Anguelmo canned Tuna contains artificial fibers that are dangerous to human health and is not made from natural ingredients, the Food Safety Department denies this rumour, stating it is not based on any scientific evidence or any statement by a known or reliable government or health authority.

We also stress once again that we dedicate our capabilities and expertise to monitor all imported food shipments to ensure that they are safe for consumption. We have also conducted laboratory testing of 166 samples of canned tuna products from many brands coming from different countries. The results of the samples matched the required specifications and are suitable for consumption.

We also would like to confirm that the tuna product mentioned in the rumour is not registered at the Department and is not found in local markets.

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