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​Dubai Municipality – Department of Health and Safety calls on the public to be cautious regarding rumors on consumer products sold or traded in the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE in general.

The Department of Health and Safety also confirms that to date no official circulars or warnings have been issued by the competent international bodies and authorities concerned with the control and safety of foodstuffs relating to the suspension or prohibition of the use of manufactured aluminum foil or the safety of any of its components. The subject is still in the stage of research without reaching definitive results or official actions.​

The Answer

Aluminum foil is manufactured for use in food storage, cooking or serving.

The Department of Health and Safety calls on the public for adherence to the following guidelines when using aluminum foil:

  • Use aluminum foil only for its intended purpose
  • Do not use aluminum foil to cook or heat highly acidic foods (such as; tomato paste, vinegar, lemon juice…etc).
  • Do not use aluminum foil for food preservation or storage for long periods, especially acidic food.
  • Aluminum foil must not be used to heat foods in microwave ovens.

Dubai Municipality continues to monitor the status of consumer products at local, regional and international levels and raise awareness regarding any risks that may affect consumer safety. This is being implemented thru the “Montaji” Application system of Dubai Municipality that utilizes survey and recall tools.
Dubai Municipality also calls on all individuals and organizations to quickly communicate with us through the “Montaji” application in relation to issues regarding the safety and registration of consumer products.​

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