Dubai Municipality opens Al Lisaili Abattoir

Dubai Municipality opens Al Lisaili Abattoir

​Dawood Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality on Thursday opened Al Lisaili Abattoir, which is set up with advanced equipment and tools. During the opening, he was briefed on the practices at the Abattoir, which will provide services to the residents of the region according to the highest standards in the field of work in the abattoirs.

Dubai Municipality is always looking forward to achieving customer satisfaction and happiness with the services provided by its facilities through careful follow-up of the world’s advanced practices in various fields which are in line with the Municipality’s vision of building a happy and sustainable city.

The Al Lisaili Abattoir is characterized by many modern features and standards, including compliance with the green building requirements approved by Dubai Municipality. Environmental conservation systems were taken into account by reducing the thermal emission and a centralized system was followed for cleaning the slaughtering halls and thus reduced the use of cleaning equipment and materials in addition to reducing the effort of workers and water consumption.

The standards applied in the Abattoir include heating water using solar energy, which contributes to the rationalization of the expenses required for heating the water used in the slaughter halls by burning the fuel. There is a hand sterilization and shoe cleaning station at the entrance to the hall equipped with sensors that do not allow workers to enter the hall without sterilization of hands and cleaning shoes.

The Abattoir contains boxes for slaughtering cattle that have the advantage of calculating the number of animals slaughtered and a special box for the slaughter of camels, which is one of the devices that are used for the first time in the Middle East. These boxes contribute to the full control of the health and safety of workers and the application of animal welfare standards and halal slaughter. An automated line is installed to empty the viscera and transfer them automatically from the hall to the waste room without the intervention of workers.

It is worth noting that the Abattoir serves up to 120 small livestock and 20 large livestock per hour. The Public Health Department in Dubai Municipality informed that the working hours of Al Lisaili Abattoir are from 7am to 7pm except Fridays, which will be from 7am until 11am.

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