Hamdan Bin Rashid attends Dubai Mass Wedding celebrations

Hamdan Bin Rashid attends Dubai Mass Wedding celebrations

​His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance and Chairman of Dubai Municipality on Tuesday night witnessed the tenth joint Mass Wedding celebrations of the employees of local departments in Dubai.​

The ceremony titled “Dubai Wedding” was conducted at Zaabeel Park with the participation of 33 bridegrooms from Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD).

The ceremony included a number of events which began with the arrival of the patron of the ceremony. One of the bridegrooms gave a speech in which he thanked Sheikh Hamdan for his patronage of the ceremony and expressed appreciation and gratitude to His Highness for his permanent patronage of this ceremony and his keenness to promote the principles of harmony among the citizens. In addition to that poet, Ali Al Khwar recited his poem to celebrate the occasion.

Dubai Municipality’s continuous participation in this initiative is a reflection of its vision of building a happy and sustainable city and its strategy to spread happiness and joy among the citizens.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality said the mass wedding ceremony comes as an embodiment of the directives of the Government of Dubai towards building a prosperous and joyful society with the values of mutual support and the strengthening of relations and love among our dear people.

Al Hajiri said it supports the noble initiatives of Sheikh Hamdan in promoting these values and encouraging organizing mass weddings because they have a positive impact in the embodiment of the values of cohesion and interdependence among the members of the society.

“Dubai Municipality is keen to participate in this excellent initiative because of its unique societal importance as the first step taken by the youth of the nation in building their families. It is necessary to establish the noble concepts of Emirati society that are clearly embodied in this initiative, which includes shouldering and cooperating in building a bright future,” he added.

“The initiative reflects the keenness of our wise leadership to support the people of the country to fulfill the requirements that will enable them to provide a decent life for their families, which will enhance their enthusiasm and optimism to move towards their future in a positive and persevering manner,” Al Hajri pointed out.

He stressed that this mass wedding is an extension of a series of initiatives launched by the wise leadership to support the citizens to reach their goals and ambitions.

Dr. Yunus Kazim, Executive Director of Dubai Healthcare City of the Dubai Health Authority, said: “The annual Mass Wedding represents a unique value that strengthens the foundations of community building among UAE nationals, encourages young people, motivates them to take responsibility and turn to marriage and then form their families and a generations with awareness, who are able to continue the achievements and preserve the capabilities of the country.”

He stressed that the positive energy spread by the mass wedding in the minds of the newlyweds is enough to help young people to start a stable and happy family life.

Dr. Kazim highlighted the importance of young people benefiting from the integrated care and the enormous potential that is available to them, and then move to a new phase of their lives with optimism and ambition.

Dr. Omar Al Khatib, Executive Director, Islamic Affairs, Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, said: “Dubai and the UAE have enjoyed a great deal of pleasure under the guidance of our wise government and the directives of their Highnesses on many occasions, and today our youth are eager to hold this mass wedding under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, and we appreciate this parental care for the sons and daughters of the UAE and his generous contribution in enhancing the abilities and potential of the youth in order to build a happy family in all its aspects, social and financial.”

“The government departments in Dubai, especially the Municipality and DHA, are keen to establish and sustain the success of this annual celebration. It stems from the keenness of all on the joy of our sons and daughters, and the quest to fortify them with the Halal ordered by our Islamic Sharia, which is at the same time representing unity in feeling and belonging in order to preserve the religious values, ethics and social behavior inherited in this dear country,” he added.

“Through our participation in the mass wedding we support in making this important category of people happy and encourage other youths to get married, in order to maintain the family and extend the family with good offspring, and the health of the society, straightening spirits, and immunity to the homeland,” said Dr. Al Khatib.

On behalf of the Director-General and the young people of Dubai Islamic society, Dr. Al Khatib thanked His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, and to the organizing partners and participants of the mass wedding.

He praised the team spirit that characterized the organization of the event and the collective sense of responsibility towards the people of the society and the correct way of building the society.

Dr. Al Khatib prayed to God Almighty that the lives of the newly married family be happy and stable and that they be in good faith to assume responsibilities and carry out their family, social and national duties.

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