Microwave Popcorn Bags Rumor

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September 2019

The Rumour:

Microwave Popcorn is a children’s snack, but many people do not realize how dangerous it is. When the popcorn bags are heated to a high temperature, they release harmful chemicals. An US study recommends preparing popcorn with olive oil.

The Answer:

Recently there have been rumours on social media that microwave popcorn releases harmful chemicals when heated to high temperatures. Dubai Municipality’s Health and Safety Department urges people to take extreme caution in spreading rumours concerning consumer products that are sold or traded in Dubai in particular and UAE in general.

In this context, we affirm that the materials that come in contact with food in the local market, including microwave popcorn bags, whether imported or locally manufactured, are subject to strict control. They are checked to make sure they comply with the safety specifications and requirements, according to local and international best practices. We also carry out the necessary laboratory tests to make sure they are safe and do not contain harmful substances.

Therefore, we urge you not to spread rumours before verifying the source.

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