Cake Luppo Rumor

Dubai Municipality


Luppo cake contains pills from an unknown source

The Answer:

With regards to the rumour that is circulating about Luppo cake containing pills from an unknown source, the Food Safety Department would like to inform you that it has surveyed the markets and has not found the product. Representatives from the company have also confirmed that the product is not available in the market. The manufacturing company from the country of origin is also following up on the issue of the video being circulated.

The Municipality would like to confirm that the product is not available in Dubai markets and there is no evidence that these rumours are valid. We remind the public that the Food Safety Department monitors and inspects all local and imported food products and all food establishments to ensure the health and safety of foods prior to consumption.

The Food Safety Department urges the public not to believe and spread rumours. It also urges people to check the validity of rumours through our official trusted sources and communications channels.

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