Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Rumor

Congo Hemorrhagic

Rumour Date: 3/11/2020


Rumour: ​The rumor r​elates to the Congo Hemorrhagic Fever reports as follows:

Rumour Answer: ​​The news is not correct as no cases of the diseases were reported in the Emirate.Dubai Municipality Veterinary Services of Public Health Services Department conducts periodic surveys and surveillance for animal and zoonotic diseases to ensure the health of animals and safety of their products.Dubai Municipality conducts veterinary inspection and control of animals offered for sale in the market. Animals slaughtered in the Dubai Municipality’s abattoirs are subject to veterinary examination before and after slaughter by specialized doctors to ensure the safety  of the meat and its fitness for human consumptionTo prevent zoonotic diseases, it is advised to take extreme care to ensure personal hygiene and to wash hands thoroughly after dealing with animals, to keep animals and their shelters clean and to take necessary measures to  control external parasites by using suitable anti-parasites, and not to slaughter animals outside the approved Dubai Municipality slaughter houses  or buy meat of anonymous origin​

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