Dubai 24/7 Smart App attends 32,786 online service requests

Dubai 24 7

The total number of reports and service requests done through (Dubai 24/7) has reached 32,786. Dubai 24/7 is considered as one of the most prominent smart applications launched by Dubai Municipality, in order to provide convenient and handy services to all types of customers, and to receive all of their communications at any time of the day.

A total of 2,975 communications have been received on March 2020, and were accomplished on time, at a rate of 93%. The application contains different features, such as the ability to record reports in multiple ways and versions such as audio, image, video and typing so easily and timely within 10 seconds. Customer are allowed to evaluate and give their feedback after completing transactions, to ensure their satisfaction and happiness.

A distinctive feature of the app is that it is able to track the path of reporters’ vehicles through a smart service of Dubai Municipality which is “Makani”. This contributes to enhancing the speed of communication and measuring noise ratio. It also provides “Latest Rumors”, a service provided by Dubai Municipality to correct false information. In addition, it has “Fares”, an automatic conversation providing necessary answers to various inquiries, without the need to communicate with the municipality Call Center.

The number of communications received through the application exceeds 2,500 per month. The most used services by the application are, bulk waste transport with a rate of 92%, public health pest control and agricultural pest spray service.

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