Dubai Municipality Starts Disinfection Campaign

Dubai Municipality Starts Disinfection Campaign

In collaboration with other government institutions in the UAE

Dubai Municipality in cooperation with other government institutions in the UAE, has started a campaign to sterilize and purify all of Dubai roads and streets, as part of comprehensive plan targeting utilities and public places, using the latest technologies.


Dubai Municipality is keen to provide healthy and safe environment at all times, and to mobilize all resources and capabilities to meet exceptional situations in cooperation with the various authorities, and within a specific plan that guarantees the safety of all community members and public facilities.


The teams working in sterilization and disinfection use the latest vehicles and equipment of spraying and disinfection, including spray devices that compress disinfection fluid into small particles, portable sprays that operates a hydraulic retail power and fumigation machines. All of the sanitation products are approved by the municipality after being evaluated and verified their effectiveness, then registered in “Montaji” system.


Dubai Municipality performs accredited laboratory tests to ensure the safety effectiveness of products. The municipality also provided a list of approved antibacterials specialized for professional use “the business sector”. The certified products can be checked by scanning the barcode using “Montaji”.

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